On January 14, 1923, a group of men and women met in the home of W.W. Thompson, for the purpose of establishing a congregation of the Lord’s Church in Selmer, Tennessee. The meeting place of the church remained in the homes of the members for about a year. Then, with a membership of about thirteen, they began meeting in the McNairy County Courthouse. W,R, Hassell of Trenton, Tennessee, led the singing. Others conducting meetings included- Hall L. Calhoun, G.A. Dunn, Jr., N.B. Hardeman in 1927, E.R. Harper, and L.L. Brigance.

In 1940 the church purchased a building from the First Christian Church in Selmer. The building was moved to a lot on the corner of Fourth Street and Warren Avenue, which had been purchased from Mr. Boss Perkins a few years earlier. The first worship service in this building was October 6,1940. In 1956, this building was replaced with a new building. In 1984, a multipurpose addition was added to the present structure at an approximate cost of $150,000. This addition included new classrooms, new offices, and a large fellowship hall area.

The first hired preacher to do local work was L.L. Brigance. Other preachers included a Brother Kirkpatrick, A.J. Garvin, Paul Ayers, Hoy Ledbetter, Robert Hampton, Bryon Davis, E.M. Pinckley, Charles A. Pledge, Bennie Williams, Alfred Reeves, Danny Eubanks, Glynn Phillips, Bob Spurlin, Malcom George, and Roger Hamlet. Malcom George returned to Selmer in 1991 and began preaching again. Malcom stayed with Fourth Street for around 12 years. Malcom then moved to the Liberty congregation. Randy Mead then became the preacher for Fourth Street for a few years until he moved and Matthew Winkler was hired. Matthew stayed with Fourth Street until his death in 2006. Jeremey Weekley was then hired as the new preacher. He was the Dean of Students at Freed-Hardeman University in Henderson, TN before working at Fourth Street. He remained at Fourth Street until December of 2015. He then went on to continue the Lord’s work at the West End congregation in Knoxville, TN. Kirk Brother’s, a deacon, served as the interim minister until Brian Stephens, our current minister, was hired in January of 2017.

In 1947 the first elders were appointed. These were W.W. Thompson and Denton Horton. Olean Weatherford and O.D. Hamlin were appointed as deacons. Others who have served as elders include: Ted Martin, Olen Weatherford, Robert Goad, Thurman Tull, O.T. Blakney and E.M. Pinckley. Others who have served as Elders and Deacons include Charles Etheridge, Robert Shelton, Wilburn G. Ashe, Fred Vinson, Don Moore, Jimmy McBride, Don Cross, Nathan Meek, James D. Turner, Jim Turner, and Robert Shackelford.

Recent Secretary’s: Merle Weatherford and Betty Wilkerson

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Mission Statement & Purpose

Loving God and one another by living like His Son- mark 12:30-31

Purpose verse: Ephesians1:22-23

Glorify-John 4:24

Example-John 13:34-35

Evangelism- Matthew 28:18-20

Benevolence- Galatians 6:10; 

Fellowship- Acts 2:42-47

Education- Ephesians4:1-16; 1 Timothy 4:6

Involvement- Ephesians 4:12-16; Romans 12


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